Marta Tucci (b. 1989) is a documentary photographer and writer. Her personal work focuses on issues of identity an social exclusion, paying close attention to the plight of displaced communities in the aftermath of conflict or war. 

Covering humanitarian and social issues, Marta works based on the conviction that highlighting dignity and hope in the face of despair will result in the search for human commonalities between the public and the people in her photographs, igniting  a complicity of understanding on a basic human level. Her search for stories has taken her from remote villages in Cambodia and IDP camps in northwestern Burma, to the highlands of the Andes in Latin America. 

She has worked for international NGOs such as United to End Genocide, Investing in Children and their Societies (ICS) and EDUCO. Her work has been published in EL PAIS, Warscapes Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor, L’Edition du Soir and Women Under Siege

Marta is a founding partner and creative director of Naya Traveler.